Welcome Packs/Item Requests

We understand that placement can happen overnight and families often don’t have time to plan for a child’s arrival in their home. We’re here to help. It is important to us that we offer families a positive shopping experience. Our resource centers are well stocked and well organized with plenty of opportunities for children to play while shopping. Foster Village makes no claims, representations, or warranties (whether expressed or implied) as to the safety, reliability, durability, and performance of any of the items provided. Foster Village cannot accept liability whatsoever for the safety and reliability of the items we distribute.

Fill out the general request form to let us know what you need:


Visitation Space

Below, you can make a Request to utilize our Visitation Space in North Naples. We have created a comfortable, safe, trauma-informed, child friendly space including a living room, dining table, kitchen area, and sensory play space that can be used for biological family visitations, birthday celebrations, play dates among foster families, or team/transition meetings.


Project SOOTHe

Project SOOTHe (Sensory Objects Offering Therapeutic Help) is our program that helps caregivers understand their child's behavior in relation to their sensory needs. Our occupational therapist will come alongside you to determine ways to help facilitate improved emotional regulation following trauma and during a time of stress and upheaval. Please fill out the form below to get started.


Hearten Parties by Foster Village

We are so excited to now offer free birthday parties to children within the child welfare system. If you are interested in a party or milestone celebration for a child in your care, please get started by filling out the form below!


Partners in Permanency

If you are wanting to learn more our Partners in Permanency (PiP) Program, please fill out the form below: