Equipping caregivers with support

Foster Village SWFL is here for families every step of the way. Through our resource center and therapeutic coaching and support, we help equip caregivers so they can focus on helping the children in their care thrive.


Welcome Packs

When a child is placed with a family, they often arrive with just the clothes on their back. Foster families receive little notice before a child is placed with them and must quickly turn their house into a home for a child they have just met. Welcome Packs provide all the basic necessities to families within the first week of a new placement and can be delivered straight to their door. As families and children continue their journey together, other needs arise, and Foster Village will be there to bridge the gaps.

Make a request for a Welcome Pack HERE. These can be hand-picked and delivered, or you may visit our Resource Center to allow your child to pick out his/her own items. This can be an empowering experience in a time where your child feels no other sense of control.

Resource Center 


Through Foster Village, families and children can get new car seats, bedding, school supplies, shoes, clothing and other basic necessities – completely free of charge, in a trauma informed and developmentally appropriate environment.


Set up to feel like a comfortable, safe and friendly environment, Foster Village's Resource Center helps ease the transition into a new home and ensure that children have everything they need to feel safe and cared for during those often stressful first few days.

Our Resource Center is located at 975 Imperial Golf Course Blvd Unit 114 Naples, FL 34110. We are open by appointment only so we invite you to please contact us or fill out a Request Form. We look forward to assisting you!

Project SOOTHe (Sensory Opportunities Offering Therapeutic Help)

Many children entering foster care have experienced a number of traumatic events in their lives while also going through the stress of moving from home to home. Through Project SOOTHe, we provide therapeutic tools such as weighted blankets, swings and white noise machines that can help ease anxiety for children making transitions between homes.

These objects help calm the central nervous system and help little bodies process stress and increase the release of serotonin. Reducing the effects of stress and trauma not only provides comfort in the short term; it also lowers the risk of long-term physical and emotional health issues caused by stress, builds resiliency and helps children thrive in healthy homes. Consultations with our occupational therapist are available for more involved sensory concerns for foster parents, relatives, and biological parents upon reunification as well. 

We encourage you to learn more at the link above. To make a Project SOOTHe Request, click HERE.


“Foster Village has been such a huge support in our foster placements! This organization has really made a difference. They were able to provide everything we needed to be able to care for our emergency placements: toddler beds, mattresses, clothes, shoes, a baby monitor, and even put in some fun books and toys into the mix. They were even able provide specific items that they knew the kids would find special to them to help give them a smile at such a difficult time in their lives. And they did all of this in record time when the items were needed most.” – Chantal