Most people agree: the child welfare system needs change. But there are also countless harmful myths about foster care that hurt children and families and prevent us from improving the system.

If we’re going to do better for our vulnerable children and families, we must discover the truth behind the system and what families and children really need to thrive.

Download this free guide, The 5 Myths of Foster Care, to learn five surprising facts you probably didn’t know about foster care — and how YOU can empower families and children even without fostering.

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About Foster Village

Foster Village bridges the gaps between caregivers and those who want to help, meeting practical needs and providing holistic support beyond the system. Through engagement with our community, we equip families with basic necessities, connect families to resources and to each other, and advocate for children in foster care, their foster parents, and their biological families.

As we bring dignity to the system and care for the caregivers, foster families are sustained and generations of vulnerable children and families are empowered to overcome adversity.

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