Honoring Kinship Caregivers Like You!

by Christina Hite

Hey there, kinship caregiver! Did you know there’s a whole month honoring you?

September is National Kinship Care Month, and we’re so thankful for incredible families like yours. You are a big part of the Foster Village family, and our team is here for you!

As a kinship caregiver, you have the honor of being a safe place for the children you already know and love. You likely didn't prepare to enter the world of child welfare, but you've still said yes and have begun navigating the ups and downs of the system while also managing some unique challenges only associated with kinship care.

You might be dealing with new boundaries or delicate family dynamics that are often a major component of kinship caregiving.

You might be heading back into a life stage of full-time caregiving that you likely weren't expecting at all.

And you might not feel fully equipped with the tangible resources necessary to care for kiddos (or large sets of siblings) unexpectedly.

Yet, you're still doing the hard work of caring for these precious children day in and day out.

You're creating new routines, devoting enormous amounts of time & attention, and pouring in so much love to make sure the kids in your care feel secure and stable, and we see you!

We know the joys and challenges are many because we hear from families like you every single day, so if you're a caregiver looking for extra support and resources, we'd love to connect with you!

Talya Hines, one of our Caregiver Support Coordinators, has worked with many kinship, foster, and adoptive families and loves making sure folks are EQUIPPED with the resources they need to care for the kiddos in their homes. She'd love to chat with you through our Caregiver Resource Helpline.

For many of the families around Foster Village, in-home support and coaching can be a game-changer. In fact, 100% of caregivers feel more equipped since beginning the Therapeutic Support program.

Taylor Gregg, our Therapeutic Support Specialist, works directly with families to customize support that will fit your unique needs. She helps caregivers continue to build healthy connection, navigate baffling behaviors, and establish some rhythms and routines that will support the kiddos you love.

One kinship grandmother who has been part of our Therapeutic Support Program shared,

"Thus far my experience with Taylor has been spot on. Most impressive is her direct support and engagement with my child...She is easily accessible, knowledgeable, and understanding. She is an essential part of the wellness for my child, especially when you factor in the live support received from the Foster Village community."

If you’re ready to connect with our team, check out more about Caregiver Support here!